Data privacy statement


Access to the University of St.Gallen and its institutes’ websites is always possible when carried out anonymously.

Access and navigation

This anonymous access to the websites of the University of St.Gallen and its institutes also includes navigation there. Exceptions to this are our own password-protected areas such as Assessment Level and the service portal.

Automatic data collection

There are usually no cookies used. The surfing behaviour of our website visitors is not evaluated in any form which could lead to conclusions on clearly specific persons. Data taken from third parties is usually not consulted for the evaluation of surfing behaviour. Some websites use the web analytics service "Google Analytics" to evaluate the requests. The visitors of those websites are informed separately about the use of "Google Analytics".

Voluntary data collection

The website contains various forms which must be completed by our visitors in their own interests in order to make use of the associated services. These are principally registrations and orders.

Aim of collected data

The collected data is only saved for the declared purpose and not passed on. (Exception: web analytics service "Google Analytics", see above).

Confidentiality / Security

The data that you submit in a form is transmitted uncoded. It cannot be excluded therefore that data is lost en route or can be seen by third parties. The online submission of personal data thus takes place at one’s own risk. Your data is saved on our servers, kept with great care and protected from intrusion by third parties. Only employees who require it to carry out their assignment have access to your data. We do not pass your data on to third parties. (Exception: web analytics service "Google Analytics", see above).

Additional information concerning the German Library Statistics

In connection with its participation in German Library Statistics, the Library of the University of St.Gallen uses a method of counting the hits on its website. Whenever a user visits the homepage and/or the library catalogue and/or the meta search engine, the identification of the Library and the page in question, the time of the hit and a signature of the visiting computer are stored. The signature is composed by means of a one-way function of IP address, browser identification and proxy information. The collection, storage and evaluation of these data are conducted in a pseudonymised form, i.e. the signature cannot be attributed to any one person. Any individual pseudonymised data are added up and thus anonymised after 24 hours at the latest.

The stored data are statistically evaluated and developed in order to ensure that the website of the Library of the University of St.Gallen meets users’ requirements. Any data are only used for this purpose and are deleted subsequent to such evaluation. The technical and organisational implementation of the method has been entrusted to Stuttgart Media University, which has developed the method in accordance with the relevant provisions of the data protection laws applicable in Germany and with the Telemedia Act (TMA) and has undertaken to comply with such statutes. You have the possibility of disagreeing with the collection, processing and use of the above-mentioned data of your visits for the said purpose. If you want to do so, please click on the following external link.